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      Jenny focuses on the legal services related to trademark, domain name, copyright and unfair competition. Since joining NTD in 2014, she has assisted dozens of clients domestic and abroad in dealing with multiple intellectual property disputes, like brand protection strategy, trademark administrative litigation, trademark civil litigation, administrative raid action, trademark assignment, negotiation, domain name dispute, IPR customs protection, unfair competition and others. Her due diligence and professional knowledge enable her to gain recognition from the client.


    Education and Training:

      • Jurist Master, Renmin University of China
      • Bachelor of Science, Minnan Normal University



    Practice Areas:

       Intellectual property strategy consultation, intellectual property litigation and administrative protection

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      • Provided intellectual property legal services for a listed sports brand, including trademark infringement litigation, brand protection consulting, compliance consulting, etc.;

      • Represented the client to file a retrial with the Supreme Court on trademark infringement litigation and successfully overturned the second instance judgment;

      • Represented a global chemical company to file a trademark infringement and unfair competition litigation in Foshan, Guangdong, which was awarded as the excellent Trademark Case of 2019-2020 by China Trademark Association;

      • Represented a famous Korean health care product company in a trademark administrative litigation and successfully made the company's trademark recognized as a well-known trademark in China for the first time. The case was included as an excellent case concerning foreign affairs by Beijing Lawyers Association;

      • Represented a trademark infringement litigation in the second instance involving parallel import on behalf of the client and successfully overturned the judgment of the first instance;

      • Represented an unfair competition litigation on behalf of a client, and successfully rejected the other party's lawsuit in the first instance  ;

      • Represented the client to invalidate a trademark squatting by a malicious party in the retrial at the Supreme People's Court;

      • Assisted a South Korean company in the administrative investigation and punishment of a Yiwu infringing company, and promoted the case into a civil lawsuit and won the lawsuit comprehensively;

      • Assisted BASF in the administrative investigation and punishment of a Shandong company, which registered "GERMANY BASIFU CHEMICAL Co., Ltd." In UK, and used "UK-BASF" or "德国巴斯夫" on fertilizer products, and finally successfully forced the other party to remove the infringing sign "德国巴斯夫化工有限公司";

      • Assisted several US companies in the customs protection in China, including customs filing, customs seizure, investigation, adding/updating whitelist, customs training, etc.


      • On the List of International Lawyers Talent Pool of Beijing Lawyers Association (2023)

    Selected Seminars & Events:

      •  Made the speech of“Bad-Faith IP Complaint on E-commerce Platform”in 2019 AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar. 

    Selected Publications:

      • 2 Discussion on Some Issues in Judicial Application of Reverse Confusion, published on Zhichangli wechat public account in September 2018 

      • Two Thoughts on Confirming Non-infringement Litigation in Domain name Disputes, published on Zhichangli wechat public account in January 2019 

      • The Risk that you cannot get rid of by removing the Trademark,published on NTD Intellectual Property wechat public account in January 2020

      • Prevention of Legal Risks in Trademark Transfer, published on NTD Intellectual Property wechat public account in March 2020 

      • Principles of Situation Change in the Field of Trademarks, published on NTD Intellectual Property wechat public account in May 2020 

      • Want to start franchising in China? The knowledge you should know, published on NTD Intellectual Property wechat public account in July 2020 

      • What do we know about the Legal Risks of Implicit Marketing in Sports Events, published in Fashion Designer Magazine, Vol. 02-03, 2022  

      • Study on the path of enforcement action for fashion design under the perspective of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law, published on Journal of China Trademark Association on Aug. 29, 3023

      • Network crawling of open data, how should enterprises "take in the right way and use in the proper degree"?, published on Zhichangli wechat public account on Dec. 28, 2023