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    Our Profiles

    Established in 1987 in Hong Kong, NTD is the only private one of the earliest four Chinese IP firms licensed by government to provide IP services for foreign clients. As one of the leading IP firms in China, NTD has

    500+ Professionals and support staff,in which
    189 Patent Attorneys
    63 Trademark Attorneys
    69 Lawyers
    3 Offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong
    3 Liaison offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Munich
    Good partnership with law firms or IP agencies in 70+ countries and regions worldwide

    Cases Handled by NTD

    Patent: 10,000+ new filings and 14,000+ OAs per year
    Trademark: 20,000+ per year (opposition, invalidation and review cases over 5000)
    Investigation and AIC actions: 200+ per year
    IP Lawsuits: 400+ per year

    Our Features

    One-stop IP service – We can provide services in all areas of IP related matters.
    Stable team of professionals – Over half of our attorneys and paralegals have worked in NTD for more than 15 years. Same team continuously works for the same client.
    Team work based on strategic thinking – Attorneys in patent, trademark and legal teams work closely, always standing in clients’ shoes and targeting at clients’ core value.
    Wide coverage of technical areas and deep comprehension of complicated technologies – Our attorneys keep on learning new technologies and can fully understand the technical difficulties in patent prosecution, invalidation and litigation.
    Reliable system – The IP management system developed from our years of practice maximally help to avoid human errors.
    Close and healthy ties with government authorities – We have regular academic communications with IP authorities and keep up with the latest IP legislative, administrative and judicial changes.