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      Dr. Kou joined NTD as a patent attorney in 2014 and handled patent filings and prosecuting cases. He became a patent litigator in 2016 and has been providing legal services relating to patent invalidation, administrative litigation, civil litigation, FTO search, IP strategy consulting, patent validity & infringement analysis, etc. in various practice areas including biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals etc..

      Before joining NTD, Dr. Kou started his career as a patent examiner in State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C., where he received professional training of IP and handled hundreds of patent examination on medical apparatus, analytical and detecting instruments, biological detection, etc. for four years.

    Education and Training:

      • 2016-2018, China University of Political Science and Law, Juris Master

      • 2003-2010, Doctor degree in Biochemistry and Molecular biology -- Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, CAS

      • 1999-2003, B.S. degree in Biological Sciences -- Sichuan University                                       

    Technical Areas:

      Life sciences (Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Genetic Engineering), Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, New plant variety protection, etc.

    Professional Affiliations:

      • All-China Patent Attorneys Association (ACPAA);
      •  International Association For The Protection Of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)                            

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      •  Representing a foreign company in a case regarding the customs clearance of imported apparatus (selected to be "Representative IP Cases of Chinese Customs protection in 2017" and “Top 10 Cases on IP of Shanghai in 2017”)
      • Representing a foreign company in a patent infringement case (selected to be “Top 10 Cases of Fujian Courts in 2018” and “Top 10 Cases on IP Judicial Protection of Fujian in 2018”)


      • Outstanding master's thesis of China University of Political Science and Law (2017-2018), 2019
      • Excellent papers of 7th IP Forum, 2017
      • Excellent papers of 4th IP Forum, 2013
      • Excellent papers of High Level symposium of patent examination and agency, 2012

    Selected Seminars & Events:

      • Speaker, Academic Annual Conference of New plant variety protection (2018) and the 10th National Agricultural IP Forum, November, 2018
      • Speaker, AIPPI China Youth IP Summer Seminar 2017, August, 2017

    Selected Publications:

      1. Study on the application of Guidelines for Patent Examination in the patent litigation. China Invention & Patent (2019)
      2. Analysis of the application of the Act Preservation during the trial in the context of partial judgment -- Taking the "wiper case" as an example, IPhouse (2018)
      3. The first show of the new judicial interpretation of Act Preservation in Intellectual Property Disputes , IPhouse (2018)
      4. Judicial Trends and Prospects of Hot Issues in Pharmaceutical Patent, IPhouse (2018)
      5. Discrimination of the Boundary of "Sales" in the sense of Patent Law, IPhouse (2018) 
      6. The Present Situation and Prospect of the Judicial Practice of Infringement of the Right of New Variety of Plants——The Latest Development of the Judicial Practice of Variety Right from the Perspective of the Pioneer Case. China Patents & Trademarks (2017)
      7. Several issues on the application of Guidelines for Patent Examination in the patent litigation. China Invention & Patent (2016)
      8. The status and development trend of Patented technology about disease-related biomarker, Report on the status and development trend of Patented (2013-2014). Intellectual Property Publishing House
      9. The effect of insufficient disclosure of prior art on the assessment of the novelty/inventiveness. China Invention & Patent. (2014)
      10. Redetermination of disclosure time of non-patent literature in CNKI. China Invention & Patent (2014)
      11. Study on the criterion of patentability of the detection method against samples in vitro. China Invention & Patent. (2013)
      12. Supplementation of experimental data about technical effect during assessment of inventive step. Proceedings of excellent papers of 4th IP Forum. Intellectual Property Publishing House. (2013)
      13. Supplementation of experimental data during examination of whether the claims being supported by the description, Selected papers of High Level symposium of patent examination and agency, 2012. Intellectual Property Publishing House. (2013)
      14. Study on the examination strategy of diagnostic methods in the field of detection against samples in vitro, Self-investigation items of academic board, SIPO (2012)