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    Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei centers work together for IP regulations


    By CAO YIN | chinadaily.com.cn |

    Seven centers established in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region for providing local innovators with services to quickly solve IP-related cases have played a big role in promoting regional integration in law enforcement, an official from China's top IP regulator said.

    From January to October, the centers accepted 32,900 pretrial cases involving patents, and 29,300 cases of IP rights protection from the regional businesses and innovators, Liang Xinxin, spokesman of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, told a news conference held in Xiong'an, Hebei province, on Thursday.

    Thanks to the centers' coordination and guidance, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei also handed over 148 case clues to each other, and launched campaigns against counterfeit goods, he said.

    To facilitate IP development and encourage innovation in the region, the administration has also given more supports for small and medium-sized enterprises and key industries, he added.

    By the end of 2022, 132 enterprises have been named as IP models for their strong ability of applying IP rights and high efficiency of IP transformation, with the establishment of 19 technology and innovation support centers to offer optimized IP services, he said.

    In addition, the administration strengthened efforts to aid the regional enterprises to protect IP rights overseas, Liang said, adding all the measures aim to help build a sound business environment in the region.

    Pan Xinsheng, deputy head of the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, said that they will continue to expand supply channels for patent technologies, so as to promote the transformation of IP rights.

    Over the past few years, the Hebei Provincial Intellectual Property Office has also attached importance to strengthening IP protection through regulation making.

    "We've increased punishment to violators, giving those who intentionally infringe upon others' IP rights to enjoy quick services of IP case handling," said Zhao Yanjun, deputy head of the provincial office.