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    NTD: the World's Leading Patent Professionals 2022


    Recently, the Intellectual Asset Management (IAM),authoritative media and rating institution for the global intellectual property, released the lists of IAM PATENT 1000 2022: the World's Leading Patent Professionals 2022. NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys was listed in a row as Gold in the field of prosecution as well as Bronze in the litigation for the domestic firms in China. As we have known, NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys has been selected in the IAM rankings for consecutive years, which fully illustrates the high appraise from the peers and clients for its profession and dedication in the IP sector. 


    As one of the most prestigious patent prosecution and litigation powerhouse in China, NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys provides a one-stop IP professional services via highly stable teams of certificated patent attorneys. With its wide coverage of technical areas, the NTD prosecution teams continue to keep abreast of the cutting-edge technological and latest judicial developments such as taking part in extensive in-house exchaning and training. Its consistently high quality of services, both prosecution and contentious issues, has earned the loyalty of a slew of global clients such as in the sector of chips, computers, bio, pharm and mechanism and so on. 

    More over, A total of 10 attorneys from NTD were listed as the individual list of the World's Leading Patent Professionals 2022, respectively.  

    Christopher Shaowei: Gold - Individuals: litigation

    Heather LinGold - Individuals: prosecution

     June (Ying) Wang: Gold - Individuals: prosecution 

    Frank Mu: Silver - Individuals: litigation

    Gavin JIA: Silver - Individuals: litigation

    Joe D. J. XU: Silver - Individuals: prosecution

    Yang Zhang: Silver - Individuals: prosecution

    Gao Di: Silver - Individuals: prosecution 

    Sun Jian: Bronze - Individuals: prosecution

    Lida Zhang: Bronze - Individuals: prosecution



    The IAM Patent 1000 is commonly regarded as the definitive ‘go-to’ resource for those seeking to identify world-class, private practice patent expertise and leading expert witnesses in the US. As with previous editions, to arrive at the 2022 rankings, IAM undertook an exhaustive qualitative research project to identify outstanding firms and individuals across multiple jurisdictions. When identifying the leading firms, factors such as depth of knowledge, market presence and the level of work on which they are typically instructed were all taken into account, as well as positive peer and client feedback (IAM official website).



    Christopher SHAOWEI

    Christopher has been with NTD for more than 27 years and has litigated many complex cases and frequently represented his clients before administrative agencies in China.  He also counsels clients and provides legal services in all areas of intellectual property (“IP”) including licensing, dispute resolutions before administrative and judicial authorities, patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets, unfair competition, domain name disputes, and patent prosecution.


    Heather LIN

    Heather joined the firm in 1994 and became a qualified patent attorney in 1996. With a biotech background, Heather represents a full range of clients, from start-ups to multinational companies. Her practice primarily involves patent drafting and prosecution, patent infringement, validity and FTO opinions and litigation, as well as client counselling in IP strategic planning and portfolio management with an emphasis on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She also advises clients regarding some China-specific IP issues such as utilization of Chinese genetic resources, inventor remuneration and technology import & export registration/approval.


    June (Ying) WANG

    Ms. Wang joined NTD in 1999. She has a wealth of experience in the field of telecommunication, computer science, photoelectronics and medical instruments. Her practice primarily involves patent prosecution, patent validity, patent infringement litigation, patent search and analysis, risk assessments, and IP due diligence. Ms. Wang, as lead counsel, has in-depth patent litigation cooperation with Qualcomm in the fight against Meizu and in the battle with Apple in the patent invalidation and infringement litigation cases. She is also the lead counsel on behalf of Huawei to handle several patent invalidation cases and parallel patent infringement litigation cases in China. She also represents Philips, Intel,Microsoft, FCI and Maxim for several invalidation administration litigation /infringement litigation cases in China. Ms. Wang has an excellent reputation in many multinational companies such as Philips, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Huawei.


    Frank MU

      Frank Mu joins NTD in 2007, and provides the legal service in the IP field mainly including patent infringement litigation, patent re-examination and invalidation, patent search and analysis, infringement investigation, enforcement at trade fairs, contract drafting and review, protection of technical secrets, IP license and management.

      Frank Mu is experienced in litigation and has handled many IP disputes representing multinational corporations including Nippon Steel, Michelin, Dupont and the local companies in China. A patent invalidation dispute regarding an invention by selection for a stainless steel represented by Frank Mu is selected as one of the 50 classic IP cases by Supreme Court in 2013, and also one of the top 10 IP cases by Beijing courts in 2013.

      Frank Mu has a high academic level and has published several professional articles. Frank Mu has participated in drafting “Teaching Materials for the Practices of Patent Agent” sponsored by SIPO.


    Gavin JIA

    Mr. Jia has more than 20 years of experience in intellectual property field. He provides legal services in such areas as patent litigation, patent reexamination and invalidation, patentability and infringement assessment. He also counsels clients and provides legal services in all areas of intellectual property including licensing, unfair competition, trade secret, copyright and dispute resolutions before administrative and judicial authorities.

    xu dian jun.jpg

    Joe D. J. XU

    Before joining NTD in 2003, Mr. Xu has 5 years experience as an engineer in digital-printing field, where his main responsibility includes technical supporting, customer training and translation of English technical materials.

    He has successfully handled plenty of very important patent filings and prosecuting cases for major clients, in both our Electronics Department (about one year) and Japan Department, he is now the group leader for one of the most important clients of NTD. In addition, Mr. Xu has also drafted many patent applications for clients and filed these patent applications in China and in Japan.

    Mr. Xu can handle cases in various technical fields, he is fluency in both Japanese and English, and he is good at patent prosecution.


    Yang ZHANG

    Mr. Zhang's practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution. He has handled hundreds of patent filings and prosecuting cases covering various technical fields, particularly the fields of communication, computer, video/audio signal processing, electronic circuit, consumer electronic products, etc. Mr. Zhang has also represented renowned clients in many patent reexamination cases, some patent invalidation cases and patent litigation cases. In addition, Mr. Zhang has drafted many patent applications for clients and filed these patent applications in China and abroad. The representative clients that Mr. Zhang has successfully represented include Qualcomm, Microsoft, Philips, Intel, Huawei, etc.


    Di GAO

    Joined NTD in 2008, Mr. Gao's practice focuses mainly on patent drafting, patent prosecution, reexamination, invalidity, litigation and consulting. He has successfully represented some major corporations to handle hundreds patent filings and prosecuting cases covering various technical fields, particularly the fields of semi-conductor, computer network and image processing in China and other countries including Japan and the USA. In addition, Mr. Gao has also led the team to develop cooperative networks with industrial businesses and firms, and support the improvement of company’s business development strategies. Mr. Gao has been dedicated to creating joint advantage for the company and the clients by spotting new business opportunities within the industry.


    Jian SUN

    Mr. Sun had been working in the university as RA and TA to teach students and help them on their researching. Mr. Sun also had been working with two Japanese companies in the electronics field.


    Lida ZHANG

    Mr. ZHANG’s practice focuses on patent drafting, filing and prosecution, patent invalidation and infringement litigation, patent assessment, and patent-related legal advice in the fields of mobile communication, computer science, electric engineering, artificial intelligence, etc. He has extensive experience in drafting patent applications, replying to office actions and appealing reexaminations. He has handled a great number of patent applications from famous communication companies, software companies, chipmakers in the world. He is good at technical understanding and analysis, and could always provide valuable suggestions for his clients. He is experienced in patent invalidation. He has handled, as a chief attorney, a number of invalidation cases on behalf of a giant communication equipment manufacturer in China, and all of these cases achieved satisfied results. The clients he served include Microsoft, Qualcomm, Huawei, Siemens, Philips, etc.