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Our Mechanical Group provide broad intellectual property legal services in the mechanical engineering, materials science and related technologies. The scope of services includes: preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications for invention, utility model and industrial design both domestically and abroad.

Our technologies are diverse to include agricultural machines and implements; grain milling machines; food treating apparatus; tobacco preparing apparatus; clothes making appliances; medical instruments; physical training appliances; vibration generating and transmitting technology; cleaning apparatus; metal pressing technology; casting and metallurgy; machine tools; grinding and polishing technology; hand tools; plastics processing technology; paper making technology; printing technology; automobile; railway vehicles; aircrafts; transporting and storage devices; building technology; engines; hydraulic machines; combustion apparatus; heat exchanging technology; measuring technology; industrial control technology; and so on.

Our attorneys hold at least undergraduate engineering or other science degrees, and most of them hold advanced degrees. Most have had engineering or scientific working experience in respective industries. Some are also active members of other groups in the firm such as Litigation Group.


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